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How Flux leverages Amazon Web Services to benefit clients

At Flux, we’re proud of being able to move fast and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our reputation depends on our innovation and commitment to customer service. We also recognise that sometimes it’s good to have help with the heavy lifting....

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Tablet In The Cloud

Understanding The Cloud

You don’t need to know much about computing to know that the Cloud is a game-changer. But do you understand why? Let’s take a look at what the Cloud is and why it’s helping businesses like Flux do...

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Remote workers on laptops

Adapting for survival

Around 500BC, Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote that ‘life is flux’. In other words, change is the only constant we can rely on. More than 2500 years later, in a world struggling to cope with a...

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Human hand plugging in an electrical cord

Modifying the roadmap with a rear view mirror

What to do, when the core of your business starts holding you back on your mission to ‘boldly go’ into the future of energy? For us here at Flux, the answer was erase the roadmap, buckle our...

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Remote workers interacting with each other via screens

Boldly going remote-first

We’re a tight bunch at Flux – we’re powered by smart people who love to collaborate to create a platform that energy retailers and their customers love. When the call came to do our bit to unite...

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