What major challenges are holding back UK utilities?

Flux attended Utility Week Live

Our UK Flux team had a fantastic time exhibiting at Utility Week Live recently. The doughnuts were a great hit, and they gave attendees the opportunity to talk to us about what was holding their business back.

As well as being delicious, the doughnuts represented a quick poll. Attendees could choose a doughnut based on the most relevant problem their business is facing: workflow and processes; data access; software limitations; and future propositions and products.

After two days of many conversations and the consumption of a lot of doughnuts, we found out some interesting things - out of the four options the biggest challenge facing those who participated was workflow and processes, followed closely by data access.

Our respondents represented a range of UK and European utilities, spanning water, software, energy, telco, and others.

We spoke to many different UK and European utility companies

On talking further with survey participants, we learned about how some industries, such as water and energy, are battling with multiple legacy software systems - most of which are expensive, outdated, and are unable to integrate.

Many of these old systems take up a lot of resource to manage with manual input and workarounds, and do not have the ability to serve future propositions that utilities want to prepare for.

The issues with data access were similar, with too many systems making it difficult to get clear and accurate data that utilities knew what to do with.

Hearing about these challenges was a great chance for us to talk about Flux solutions that we have used with our clients to solve their issues. The Flux systems are built from the ground up smart enabled. These systems hail from New Zealand, meaning we are ready for the future that European businesses are facing. Our single interface, which operates from a single database, addresses many of the issues that attendees said they were experiencing with their current systems.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Utility Week Live and met many amazing people. If you missed the event but want to know more about how Flux can provide solutions for your utility or retail pain points, do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Flux UK team at the booth