Automated, accurate billing for complex PPAs

Demand for Power Purchase Agreements is increasing as large energy consumers aim to reach net zero targets and mandates by developing renewable energy projects. But with no two PPAs the same, the complexities involved in billing these agreements typically requires a time-consuming, spreadsheet-based manual process for energy retailers. 

Designed to handle complex billing to manage the energy products of today, and tomorrow, Flux removes the need for manual spreadsheets with fast, accurate and automated PPA billing.




Scale PPA billing without the need for spreadsheets


Real-time data - vital for optimising revenue


Self-configure dynamic pricing, complex contracts, incentives, and more


Standalone PPA solution or end-to-end energy billing, your choice

Legacy billing software can't bill PPAs

Large energy consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and are seeking solutions to reach their sustainability targets. PPAs are an attractive solution and the demand for them is accelerating. 

But for energy sellers, billing PPAs can be extremely complex because legacy billing software was not designed to handle the intricacies of these contracts. Manual processes, spreadsheets and custom applications are often developed to fill the gaps in legacy billing software and process PPA data.  

If you are finding your PPA billing process is inefficient, resource-draining, time-consuming, and inaccurate, chances are your customers are having a similar experience.




PPA billing the Flux way

Flux handles complex energy billing, like PPAs, at scale. De-risk your PPA billing with a billing system that is configurable, flexible, scalable, automated, and future-focused.  

Here’s just a few ways Flux will boost PPA billing:

  • Quickly and easily self-configure products like time and type of use to incentivise energy consumption at optimal times.
  • Configure and automate multi-party billing for greater accuracy.
  • Harness real time data intelligence to optimise revenue.
  • Flux’s event driven architecture automatically triggers the rating process as soon as new usage data for a connection is received, eliminating the need for big batch data and increasing efficiency.
  • PPAs can be billed at scale without the need for manual spreadsheets, therefore reducing manual effort and risk.
  • Establish new PPA agreements quickly without being encumbered by the billing of them.


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In the 1700s, the first industrial revolution utilised steam and water to mechanise production. In the 1800s, the second industrial revolution harnessed electric power for mass production. In the 1960s, electronics and information technology were used to automate production. And now, here we are in the fourth industrial revolution exploring how digital technologies can fundamentally alter the way we live, move, produce, communicate, and more.


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