The tech and the expertise to mobilise change

Our high engagement, comprehensive approach delivers exactly what you need to mobilise change.

We’re passionate about empowering visionary companies to lead our world to a more socially and environmentally sustainable energy future. For us it’s not about delivering tech to order, it’s about tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, and their clients.


What you can expect from us

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Platinum Service

In our eyes, every client is a VIP. And so we treat everyone as such. There’s no varying levels of service, just one - the very best. Our high engagement, high touch model ensures we are true innovation partners to our clients, and add much more value than simply providing a technical solution.

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Rapid Deployment

The Flux platform has been cloud-native for over a decade. This, combined with our agile, iterative approach to improvement and daily code deployments, ensures our clients benefit from constant, low-risk system improvements. With Flux you’ll always have the most up-to-date solution at the ready.


Migration Expertise

Switching software providers in a complex technology stack can be a daunting task, but our team is adept at navigating the process successfully to ensure customer disruption is eliminated. We recently completed a complex, large scale B2C billing migration successfully and have created the blueprint for success.

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Modern Tooling

Our revolutionary platform was developed incorporating the very latest software practices and tech. It’s robust, secure, and data-driven, while nimble enough to accommodate high levels of variance and change. Crucial elements to consider when evaluating a solution that is fit for the future.

Retail native heritage

Back in 2009, Flux was created to underpin Powershop NZ - a transformational, highly disruptive energy retailer. Unable to find the right technical solution to support the launch of this revolutionary new energy retail model, the Flux team created one. Over a decade on, we’ve further developed our platform for the rapidly evolving needs of the highly regulated, complex energy sector to create a configurable, market leading solution. We’re 100% backed by Meridian Energy - New Zealand’s largest producer of renewable energy.


Customers on the Flux platform require fewer service interventions and have less need to contact our Customer Care teams, while our agents are better able to service our customers, more quickly.

Lisa Hannifin
Chief Customer Officer


Built to integrate

The technology stacks powering utility companies are more complex than ever before. Flux has been designed to widely and seamlessly integrate into existing ecosystems via APIs to reduce risk and increase flexibility, while at the same time unlocking the value of adjacent solutions by providing all the data the business requires. Our existing integration partners include Gorilla, Genesys PureCloud, WindCave, SendGrid, TPAs, and Salesforce.  

Mobilise your innovation journey today

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