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Built specifically for energy

The Flux platform was built specifically to enable energy companies to transform and evolve in an ever-changing landscape. 

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Speed to market

Deliver new products in minutes (not days or months) with our nimble, data driven platform that accommodates high levels of variance and change.

Secure innovation

Data held in Flux is clean, securely handled, and feeds to industry standard data warehousing tools for your team to utilise. We are ISO 27001 accredited. 

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Seamless integration

Curate the software ecosystem that best suits your organisational needs. Flux’s modern architecture integrates seamlessly using contemporary technologies.

Migration without disruption

Flux’s powerful migration engine and our team’s deep experience enables customers to be moved from another platform without disruption to their overall experience. 

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Data-driven experiences

Flux makes data available for use by external services and data platforms for greater visibility and more informed decisioning.

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The flexibility of cloud

Being cloud native and hosted on AWS enables Flux to be constantly evolved using modern software design and development practices. Zero downtime releases occur at least daily across all markets using cloud-based deployments.

Supported by our team of experts

We’re with you every step of the way. The Flux team has a strong energy retail heritage and years of experience in supporting energy businesses shifting to a more digital future.

We’re here to help bring your vision of the future of energy to life.

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Built to integrate

The technology stacks powering utility companies are more complex than ever before. Flux takes an 'integrate first' approach, leveraging capabilities provided by market leaders like AWS, Gorilla, and Twilio (Sendgrid) to provide best in class capability. Equally, Flux widely and seamlessly integrates into existing ecosystems via APIs and events to leverage your incumbent technology investments.

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The Flux platform that was built for configurability and scalability, meaning change is quick, low-risk and incurs no dev time, allowing Powershop to stay focused on adding value for its customers.
Flux has conceived, managed and delivered the large-scale migration of more than 200,000 retail customers onto a world-leading platform.

Neal Barclay

CEO - Meridian Energy


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