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Flux’s contemporary, cloud-based billing engine will drive significant value for your business.

Below are some of the ways how.  



Bundled and unbundled
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Bundled and unbundled

Bring all the components of your bill together with ease. For residential customers who need a simple bill, Flux takes the complexity out of bundling so that your customers just get the information they need, and nothing more.

For commercial customers who need detailed breakdowns, or if you are passing on third party costs, unbundled bills are the way to go. 

Broker & TPI commissions
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Broker Commissions

There’s a significant amount of complexity when it comes to calculating and administering broker & TPI commissions and the margin for error can be high, especially if undertaken via a manual process. Flux supports a range of different commission structures, calculates the contractually agreed rate for registered meter points, and surfaces these outputs to your sales compensation platform. Onboarding and supply/start dates are tracked, and any discrepancies are highlighted.

With transparent data management, cost control, and automation of these complex calculations, Flux brings greater accuracy and efficiency in calculating and exposing the value of broker & TPI commissions.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - PPA

Flux makes managing Power Purchase Agreements simple - from aggregating consumption from multiple customers or usage across multiple sites to calculating ‘overs’ and ‘unders’ from a generation:consumption perspective.

Flux supports all the common PPA tariffs out-of-the-box, including:

  • Fixed price
  • Indexed price
  • Hybrid tariff
  • Contract for differences (CFD)
Flex contracts
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Flex contracts

Reward customers for participating in demand-response based fully or partially on the market price (by volume, time-of-use or meter point).

Flex contracts are handled in a very similar way to PPA with an additional calculation for the cost of the baseload + variable ‘clips’ purchased during the month. 

Multi-party billing
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Multi-party billing
Ringfence different generation, storage and usage points behind the meter and bill different consumption sets to different parties. There is no limit to product innovation possibilities.
Multi connection accounts
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Multi connection accounts
Consolidate multiple connections into a single statement. Payment can be centralised or distributed and seamlessly reconciled. Different parties on an account can receive relevant, role-based billing information.
Virtual Power Plants (VPP)
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - VPP

Virtual Power Plants present a step-change in the way energy is produced and dispatched. Operationalising VPP at scale requires a billing system that can calculate and expose the cost of energy each participating party is responsible for, however this is where legacy billing software typically constrains the scaling of these services.

Flux provides a robust yet flexible software foundation for VPP. Our approach enables you to shape the direction of your VPP initiatives and rapidly configure propositions, test offers at speed, and adjust course in response to market demand and as new rules develop.

Electric Vehicles (EV)
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - EV

With significant advances in vehicle-to-grid technology being made and improvements in aggregation services, your billing software needs to handle increasingly granular and complex measurements of data.

Whether you are looking to assist commercial customers with fleet management, optimise residential charging, or separate out the EV portion of a bill, Flux’s contemporary approach to pricing and billing provides the freedom to tailor EV propositions to any segment.  

Private networks
20230807 Flux Use Cases - Billing - Private network
Apportion the cost of energy from an on-market parent connection among off-market child connections using real usage data and different tariffs at each connection.

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