Preparing for success

Key insights from our experience with modern billing software implementations, for energy companies on the precipice of change.



There are multiple factors that influence the success of any major technology implementation and every business is unique with its own set of challenges. 

For energy companies looking to adopt modern billing software as part of a digital transformation, there are a number of steps energy sellers can and should take to be prepared for anything that may crop up during implementation.  

This guide outlines four key billing transformation learnings from Flux’s Product Implementation Director, Aidan Stigley. These granular insights are based on the experiences and challenges that commonly arise during billing implementations in the energy sector. 

This is a must read for energy executives on the cusp of digital transformation.




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About Aidan Stigley

Implementing software and driving digital change is not new to Aidan Stigley, or ‘Stig’ as he’s fondly known at Flux. From Vodafone to Fronde, Fijitsu to Powershop and now Flux, Stig has worked on a wide range of agile projects responsible for transforming these organisations (and more) into innovative changemakers. As Product Implementation Director, Stig is responsible for leading the implementation of Flux in visionary energy companies, supporting their evolution in a rapidly transforming environment.


Why partner with Flux for your transformation

Our high engagement, comprehensive approach delivers exactly what you need to mobilise change.

We’re passionate about empowering visionary companies to lead our world to a more socially and environmentally sustainable energy future. For us it’s not about delivering tech to order, it’s about tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, and their clients.

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