Optimise revenue with configurable, scalable energy billing

Flux’s billing platform was designed specifically to meet the complex needs of energy. It is fundamental to the delivery and scaling of traditional and new energy products and helps energy businesses capitalise on every opportunity to optimise revenue.


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Bill almost any unit of energy without tech constraints



Respond to market changes quickly and easily with new propositions



Automate and scale complex energy calculations



Seamlessly slots into your existing tech stack



The pain of legacy tech

Billing technology should not be the thing that gets in the way of innovation, bringing clean energy products to market, customer-centricity, or even just day-to-day operations. But, often it is. And that’s because legacy energy billing systems were not designed for the decentralised, digital new energy economy.

The issue with this is that energy sellers are missing revenue opportunities, both in the development of new energy propositions as well as having the visibility of every unit of energy sold to accurately bill it.

Common challenges with legacy billing tech:

  • Bringing new propositions to market quickly because billing software can’t be configured easily
  • Accurate, automated real-time complex calculations for products like broker commissions, VPP and PPA
  • Multi-party billing
  • Behind the meter allocations such as EV
  • Meeting ongoing and evolving compliance obligations
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Modern billing technology for the new energy economy


Flux was designed with the ultimate flexibility in mind, enabling energy sellers to easily and accurately calculate and bill almost any unit of energy for mass market and C&I customers. 

From launching renewable energy products like power purchase agreements, virtual power plants, solar and battery, and EV, to automating broker commission calculations, creating dynamic tariffs, customer incentives, and rebates, these things, and more, are all easily configurable in Flux.

But it’s the end result that’s key here - adaptable energy businesses that bring innovative new solutions and attractive tariffs to market much faster than those organisations still battling with the confines of legacy billing software. And ultimately, optimised revenue with a streamlined, agile business.
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Reduction in operator training time

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Billing accuracy
*when input data accurate

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Improvement in Operator to Connection staffing ratio

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Faster to reprice a product

Unconstrained tariff design

Don't be constrained by outdated technology when designing tariffs that will be attractive in market. 

Any meter data
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Flux supports all meter categories and data types across all market segments, and combines them with complex tariffs to generate accurate bills.
Any tariff
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Launch new tariffs quickly and easily. Demand charges, load-based pricing, spot pass through, TOU, custom sub-tariffs and more are all possible in Flux without the need for dev time.
Non-metered products
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Provide a seamless customer experience for product bundling with non-metered products sitting alongside metered products on your bills.

Bring innovative new products to market, fast

If speed to market and flexibility are a priority for you, see how Flux can help. 


Value, every way you look at it

There’s really no end to the value Flux will add. Here are some of our use cases:

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Bundled and unbundled

Bring all the components of your bill together with ease. Give your customers the information they need, when they need it.


Broker commissions

Support a range of commission structures, calculate agreed rates at meter points, and surface outputs.



Support all common PPA tariffs out-of-the-box, including: fixed price, indexed price, hybrid tariff and CFD.

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Flex contracts

Reward customers for participating in demand-response based fully or partially on the market price.


Multi-party billing

Ringfence generation, storage and usage points behind the meter and bill different consumption sets to different parties.

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Multi connection

Consolidate multiple connections into a single statement. Seamlessly reconciled, centralised or distributed payments.

Preparing for implementation success

We approach every implementation with a view to cater to your specific needs. This includes things like how quickly you need the solution up and running, the complexity of the billing requirements, and how much assistance you need with change management internally.

Our team of experts is on hand to guide and support your team in a successful implementation. Our energy experts have decades of experience, utilising their knowledge and insights to ensure you are as prepared as possible for the project at hand. 

And because Flux was built to be versatile and work alongside, or within your current system, this approach also avoids the risk of downtime.

Browse our resources designed to help you navigate a successful implementation.

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