Drive revenue & growth with Virtual Power Plants

Launch VPP initiatives rapidly and optimise pricing as the market demands, and as rules develop.

With Flux’s configurable, automated, scalable billing platform, you can quickly and easily configure dynamic import/export rates, subscription models, customer-specific VPP reward mechanisms, and long-term asset leases or finance agreements. 

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Release new VPP solutions in minutes, not months


Easily integrated via comprehensive API coverage & event streaming


Develop products without technological limitations


Optimise and adjust pricing as the market changes

A vital step towards the future of energy

Virtual Power Plants are an important initiative in the roadmap towards a more sustainable future. But what often constrains the scaling of VPP is the ability to calculate and make payment to asset owners for the use and storage of generated energy. This is usually due to inflexible legacy technology that cannot easily be configured to handle complex calculations such as multi-party billing. 

The challenges can be vast and varied:

  • Working in spreadsheets
  • Manual data manipulation
  • Bespoke tariff builds taking months
  • No variety in customer propositions
  • Difficulty matching customer rewards to customer value
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Flexible, configurable, scalable energy billing

Delivering the sustainable products and value customers are demanding requires configurable billing software that puts the power of change into the retailers hands.

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Unconstrained tariff design 
Unlock your commercial creativity. On/off market meters, data streams, configurable rates based on total aggregated usage and subsets of usage for connections, multi-register billing and non-billable or check meters are all possible with Flux.
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Optimise pricing 
Apply different charges on customer invoices, such as 5c from battery and 10c from the grid.
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Speed to market 
No developer time is required when designing new tariffs, updating exception tolerances, or developing tailored products.
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Mobilising the future of energy

A guide to operationalising and unlocking the value of Virtual Power Plants

Turning virtual into reality: Operationalising Virtual Power Plants

VPPs represent a way for energy businesses to take advantage of growing distributed generation and storage in a way that adds value to the company and its customers. When done right, VPPs stand to benefit retailers, distributors, end consumers and asset providers.

While existing as an idea for some time now, the VPP market in Australia is still in its infancy. The behind-the-scenes requirements to implement a successful VPP are complex and require energy businesses to scrap traditional thinking to make them a reality.


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