Automate accurate broker & TPI commissions

Calculating broker and third party intermediary (TPI) commission rates with Flux is simple, fast, and accurate. 

Flux integrates with existing billing software as a standalone energy broker commissions solution, or as part of our next generation end-to-end billing solution. 

Transform your existing process to one that's automated, timely and accurate so you only pay what's needed with the ability to scale as you grow.



No more spreadsheets or manual processes


Commissions based on actual revenue received


Seamless integration with existing tech stacks


Pay commissions on time, every time

The challenges with administering energy broker commissions manually

Calculating and administering energy broker commissions is complex, manual, and often separate to the calculation of customer invoices. This disparity leaves a high margin for error and a raft of other challenges for energy sellers like:

  • Lack of two-way linkage between the customer invoice and the energy broker commission. This is problematic if the customer does not pay, or if the invoice is altered or reversed
  • Managing complex calculations in spreadsheets is risky and often creates key person dependencies
  • Lack of data consistency
  • Ineffective reconciliation of commissions paid in advance to ensure any overpayment or underpayment is resolved accurately
  • Inaccurate or inadequate forecasting of commissions paid in advance due to lack of data transparency
20231213 Flux Broker commissions - Existing challenges

Optimise revenue with accurate broker commission calculations

Through automating accurate and timely energy broker commission calculations, Flux will help to optimise your revenue throughout the year. The two-way flow of data and information creates an agile calculation process that adjusts if things change. This eliminates unwanted surprises at reconciliation time, preventing revenue leakage. 

Flux broker commission calculations:

  • Support a wide range of energy broker commission rates
  • Calculate commissions based on the agreed rate for register meter points, ensuring they are paid when the customer pays the invoice rather than at invoice creation
  • Pay commissions based on actual revenue received by the energy seller
  • Ensures commissions payable are automatically surfaced to your sales compensation platform, for a fast and seamless process
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Flux launches world-first product for scaling decarbonisation solutions

Sept. 12, 2023 -- Energy Tech company Flux Federation has announced its latest offering for the new energy economy at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event #DF23. The company has launched its world-first Multi-Party Billing solution that enables scaled commercialisation of new energy products and models as global investment in decarbonisation accelerates.

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