Flux billing the energy of today, and tomorrow

Flux’s next generation billing platform is fundamental to the delivery of modern energy solutions.

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Customer needs are diversifying. And the speed at which energy sellers can launch new products and pricing tariffs is critical to gaining competitive advantage. Modern billing technology is a vital element of the energy technology ecosystem, enabling new products to be launched quickly, and billed accurately. 

This guide details the important role Flux plays in the energy ecosystem by enabling the operationalisation and scaling of both traditional and non-traditional energy products, including:

  • Tariff design and cost calculation
  • The variety of use cases Flux supports
  • Benefits that will help bring a competitive edge
  • How Flux underpins compliance requirements
  • Our approach to migration
  • Case studies




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Partner with Flux to win in the new energy economy

In the global pursuit of decarbonisation, Flux is a crucial enabler, empowering energy companies to usher in the era of intelligent clean energy solutions. Our next generation energy billing platform is an essential tool to navigate the complexities of the evolving energy landscape, satisfying the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Accelerate the launch of your innovative energy products and services with speed and scalability. Where traditional billing software is burdened by rigidity and inefficiency and often hinders the adaptation of non-traditional energy offerings, Flux emerges as a catalyst for transformation.