Flux launches world-first product for scaling decarbonisation solutions

 |  12 September 2023

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Decarbonisation technologies projected to make up more than a quarter of global investments in the energy sector by 2035 (McKinsey)

Sept. 12, 2023 -- Energy Tech company Flux Federation has announced its latest offering for the new energy economy at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event #DF23. The company has launched its world-first Multi-Party Billing solution that enables scaled commercialisation of new energy products and models as global investment in decarbonisation accelerates. 

The new product allows energy sellers to use one set of consumption data to bill multiple parties on different commercial terms. Applications include Virtual Power Plants (VPP), EV fleet management, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and grid flexibility projects among others.

“We have heard the frustration of energy sellers all over the world who cannot leverage the potential of new energy hardwares through scaled customer products,” says Flux CEO Nic Kennedy.

“You cannot sell what you cannot bill. While globally we are making massive headways in the availability of smart hardware, and innovative pilot initiatives, as an industry we need to scale these opportunities if we are going to reach decarbonisation targets,” she says.

At Dreamforce on Thursday (14 September) Flux will demonstrate Multi-Party Billing embedded in Salesforce’s E&U Cloud, calculating both the customer invoice and the broker commission for a Power Purchase Agreement. 

“Broker commissions are a great example,” says Kennedy. “Brokers are a critical part of the sales ecosystem for energy sellers, but until today sellers have not been able to accurately calculate, in an automated way, the commissions due. This is just getting harder as more complex products come to market. We have solved an issue that creates huge management overhead and limits business growth.”

“Salesforce has recognised the power of our offering, and it has been a pleasure to work with them on integrating Flux into their best-in-class solution for energy and utilities.”

Dreamforce is the annual technology event hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco for more than 100,000 global technology leaders. It runs from 12-14 September.

Flux is a New Zealand based #EnergyTech company providing next generation billing solutions for energy sellers all over the world.

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