How Flux enables Powershop AU to break the energy retail status quo

 |  15 October 2021

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In 2008, Flux was established when Meridian Energy wanted to create a highly disruptive energy retail business but was unable to find the right technology to underpin its revolutionary new energy retail model. The Flux team purpose-built a configurable, scalable, cloud-based billing and retail operations platform, and this was the beginning of Powershop NZ.

Following its incredible success in New Zealand, Meridian Energy launched Powershop Australia in 2012 . For over a decade, Flux has proudly powered this award-winning energy retailer through a high performing partnership based on mutual respect and a shared drive to provide best-in-class customer experiences.

A focus on green energy innovation, supported by Flux

With the Flux platform underpinning its energy retail operations, Powershop Australia is an innovative business that quickly adapts to changing market demands with tactical and creative product solutions. And like Flux, Powershop believes in breaking the status quo. This is reflected through a razor sharp focus on customer needs and environmental initiatives such as GreenPower add ons, carbon offsets, solar export, EV tariffs, VPP participation, and advance purchase of Powerpacks for future savings.

A long-term advocate for empowering customers, Powershop provides access to easy to understand and granular cost, usage data and insights to support its clients in using energy more sustainably.

The Flux platform - with its centralised and simple operator interface - is at the heart of the technology that enables this level of complex product innovation and customer centricity.

Agility and flexibility to adapt to regulatory and market changes

More recently, substantive regulatory changes in the Australian energy market have impacted everything from privacy and security to data sharing, to pricing and offers. Powershop has developed white label partnerships and positioned itself in market via its green credentials, of which Flux has been a key enabler. Our dedicated Product Specialists work closely with the Powershop team to ensure business needs are met and changes are seamlessly integrated back into the business.

Flux’s modern architecture enables Powershop to quickly change without incurring huge cost. With a platform that was built for configurability and scalability, change is quick, low-risk and incurs no dev time, allowing Powershop to stay focused on adding value for its customers.

Powershop’s slogan is ‘Power you can be proud of’. Flux is thrilled to be part of an ecosystem that brings this promise to life every day.


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