How Flux leverages Amazon Web Services to benefit clients

 |  15 April 2021

Cloud software
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At Flux, we’re proud of being able to move fast and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our reputation depends on our innovation and commitment to customer service. We also recognise that sometimes it’s good to have help with the heavy lifting. Here’s how we work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure we’re always one step ahead.

Integration is a core part of the Flux philosophy. We know we can’t do everything by ourselves, so we actively choose to partner with similarly-minded tech suppliers like Gorilla and SendGrid, among others. We know it’s good for our business - and our clients - to leverage the expertise that our partners bring to the table. As a cloud-native global SaaS provider, we need to stay a step ahead of our competitors to deliver on our promises. That’s why we choose to work with the world’s leading cloud, AWS.

Being cloud-based brings multiple advantages to Flux and our customers. We offer energy retailers around the world a range of secure and intuitive solutions for their customers. Managing the necessary infrastructure in-house comes with significant operational overheads and uses a skillset that’s getting difficult to recruit for. Using AWS to do the heavy lifting of this infrastructure management means Flux can focus on our core skills and products while leveraging AWS’s diverse portfolio of services. Working with AWS means Flux can be more agile and responsive to regulatory changes as well as fix issues or implement new features faster. We can also operate at scale - working on bigger or smaller projects as needed.

How do we know it works? In 2020 we migrated all Meridian Energy’s retail customers onto the AWS cloud. This was a seamless migration that proves Flux is capable and experienced in providing this service for enterprise-level energy retailers. For Flux, it was a big step forward in our journey to re-imagine how we can use cloud infrastructure in a way that reduces toil, increases scalability, and enables rapid delivery of new application architectures, such as microservices.

It was a big deal for Meridian, too. Grant Dennehy, Meridian’s Head of Transformation, says the change to AWS was seamless.

“The migration made an immediate, significant improvement to the speed and flexibility of our environments,” he says. “Looking ahead, it also opens up valuable opportunities to access the capabilities that come from Flux’s partners. This puts us in a great place for our future customer and user propositions.”

  1. We can move faster: AWS enables us to rapidly spin up new environments to test and demo new features in minutes and on-demand.

  2. It keeps our products resilient and secure: Flux’s clients operate in different time zones in different countries around the world. AWS provides us with certainty that our platform can continue to operate 24-7. AWS manages the security and underlying infrastructure so we can focus on building our product.

  3. Scaling up or down is easy: We can quickly scale up our platform to meet customer demands, and scale back down to save costs.

  4. Our clients always come first: Just like AWS, our clients are distributed around the world, and we can ensure our platform is running in a nearby location to ensure good performance and digital experience.

  5. It’s built for the future: AWS’s suite of tools enables us to provide the integration solutions that our clients need to power their businesses; whether that’s for APIs, data, or event streaming solutions.

If you’re an energy retailer, working with a Cloud-native SaaS provider like Flux could be the magic ingredient you need to take your business to the next level. Talk to us to find out more.

Flux is proud to work with smart partners to deliver our secure, innovative and intuitive solutions for energy retailers. Want to work with us?

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