How we deliver best-in-class comms automation with SendGrid

 |  22 June 2021

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Hong Kong billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist Li Ka-shing once said that information and communications technology “unlocks the value of time, allowing and enabling multi-tasking, multi-channels, multi-this and multi-that”. In addition, good communication unlocks knowledge and builds relationships. But even with great tools, effective communication requires trust. At Flux, we know our clients rely on efficient, reliable and highly targeted communications to meet their customers’ needs. Good comms are a key part of our vision of creating exceptional customer experiences. That’s why we chose to work with a highly respected global tech company to deliver best-in-class email comms automation.

Why integration matters

Operating successfully in the SaaS world requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and resilience. That’s especially true in the energy sector, where new ways of generating, distributing and selling energy are coming on-stream all the time. That’s why our sophisticated suite of Flux products are designed and built for automation and speed. We know our clients need the ability to flex, scale and adapt their software systems to fit the evolving needs of their business. That’s why we believe strongly in integration; working with smart partners who can co-create benefits for our products, our clients, their customers and our shared future. 

Given our attitude towards integration, it makes total sense for us to work with other companies who have a similar focus on optimum performance, innovation and service. That’s why we’re proud to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Gorilla, among others. 

Why we choose SendGrid

When it comes to communications, we know that developing a unified and integrated strategy offers more value to current and future clients than investing in legacy Flux solutions. Working with SendGrid, one of the world’s leading digital communication platforms, was a no-brainer. SendGrid processes more than 90 billion emails every month, for a wide variety of global businesses. 

Flux joined forces with Sendgrid in 2020 to enable sophisticated transactional email automation that could adapt to the needs of our clients. Our native integration simplifies and automates the complex delivery of service emails, reducing cost-to-serve, increasing operator satisfaction and improving customer service. 

We chose SendGrid for its ease of use and flexibility. It has a design editor that makes it easy for clients to edit content in place, without having to learn to code. Another key benefit for our clients is that they ‘own’ their own instances of SendGrid. Flux sets up the integration and shows the client how to use it, giving them full control of their communications. Flux can also manage the SendGrid integration as a service (if clients want us to manage their tech stack and SaaS integrations).

Being in full control in this way means clients can manage how, when and why they send transactional emails, as well as have complete oversight of all these emails in one place. Branding, design, imagery and existing dynamic content is easily editable, so our clients can test their email content and tweak it to best suit their customers’ needs. Being able to edit transactional messages in this way helps increase customer retention and improve customer experience, alongside boosting productivity.

At Flux, our mission is to empower visionary companies to lead our world to a more socially and environmentally sustainable energy future. We’re adamant that helping them communicate better to their customers is an integral way to unlock multiple new opportunities.

Flux empowers visionary companies that are leading the energy transition by moving faster, pricing smarter and creating exceptional customer experiences. Want to know more? Talk to us.

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