Life as a Lead Developer on the road

 |  19 June 2022

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For this blog, we hear from one of our Lead Developers, Thais, who has recently taken the plunge and jumped into life as a full time digital nomad. As Flux is entirely remote, our team members are able to work all around New Zealand (even if they’re moving!). We hear some of the biggest things she’s learnt on the way and why we should all be grateful for the little things!


Thinking about what brings me joy, reflecting on how a global pandemic limited one of the things that I love most (travelling), and also inspired by some people at Flux who are already living a digital nomad life - not to mention house affordability - my husband and I decided to try an alternative lifestyle and live full-time with our two cats in a motorhome. I have to say that was not an easy decision, but with courage to get out of my comfort zone, by the end of November 2021 we started our journey on the road.

It didn't take us long to realise some things that we usually take for granted, like having water, gas and power reachable anytime, rubbish collection at the door, and larger living and storage spaces. When you're living off-grid, you have to manage all these things accordingly so you don't run out of essentials. You're also forced to learn how to be very selective on what to bring, as fitting everything in the available storage can be quite a mission.

I’ve found I have become even more eco conscious, as well as cautious about our resource consumption. One good example is water use. Our RV has a big 400 litre water tank. If we are careful, it can last us around 20 days. To put that in perspective: a five-minute shower is estimated to use 75L. It feels great to be collaborating even more with a greener planet.


This experience has challenged me to deal with unknowns much more frequently. I'm the type of person that really likes to plan things in advance, but now I'm learning to be ok with uncertainties, especially about where and when, as they've been incorporated into my routine. I'm more adaptable. I’ve also discovered that going with the road sometimes surprises you more than you can imagine.

And yes, of course, the little things! Sometimes the people you meet or the places you visit make your day! Even a beautiful sunset, an unplanned barbecue with the most generous and friendly owners of a farm (where we parked for free, and had a private tour), the discovery of hidden gems, catching up with friends that you unexpectedly encountered, it really makes a difference. I have already had the opportunity to appreciate special moments that I would never have experienced if I'd still be living in the comfort of a house.

I feel very privileged to be working with different views, having a better life and work balance, and extending the remote flexibility to life.



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