Locked down, 24/7: how we keep security a priority at Flux

 |  17 January 2022

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Digital infrastructure and information security is paramount at Flux. We pride ourselves on having a rigorous, risk-based approach to security that keeps our business - and our clients - safe. Here’s how we do it.


Flux starts all new features with security in mind. Our Definition of Ready for all tasks includes considerations for security and risk, and every code contribution is peer reviewed by another engineer against a checklist which includes OWASP Top 10 security risks. With automated scanning of code and dependencies we work hard to catch things from falling through the cracks. This all happens before anything gets into production.


We’re great at writing energy software, and always make sure we’re working with companies that are great at delivering and running secure software. Leaning on the likes of Amazon Web Services, we regularly adopt new security services to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Through active security monitoring and alerting, we’re proactive in responding to threats.


With a globally distributed, remote-first workforce, we can’t rely on the traditional office boundaries to enforce security controls. We operate a ‘zero trust’ network, and leverage security technologies from the likes of Google to ensure our people can do their job securely no matter where they are.


We say we do a lot of great work on security, but don’t just believe us. With ISO27001 certification we are audited annually by a third party to ensure we’re walking the talk when it comes to keeping our business secure. Annual external pen tests of our applications and platform ensures our software and supporting systems haven’t had any security vulnerabilities sneak in. And with regular table top exercises, we make sure we’re prepared and know what to do when things don’t quite go to plan.

Security will continue to be a big part of how we approach our business and our clients. We want to continue leading the way and providing our clients with the reassurance that their business is in safe hands. If you want to future-proof the security of your energy business, reach out to someone at Flux to see how we can help.

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