Meet Steve Fojan, our UK Product Specialist and learn why operational excellence is so important for success

 |  10 December 2021

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Steve Fojan is a Product Specialist for Flux based in the UK, he’s known around the UK team as Mr. Dependable, someone who is always on hand to get the job done. Steve is one of those rare people that is passionate about the systems he works with, understands them in incredible detail, and when an issue arises can immediately pinpoint the problem and steer the team in the right direction. We asked Steve to share a bit about his experience in the energy sector and what it’s like working for Flux. 


Before joining Flux I worked for npower for over a decade doing a number of different operational roles from new connections, site visit to gains, losses and win-backs. I have been across the business operations from end to end. From npower I moved to Extra Energy while they were in their start-up phase. I was brought on to help set up processes like Erroneous Transfers (ET) and disputed reads. 

Later, I moved into testing as a Senior Test Analyst. I tested all the billing functionality from when we moved the customer base from bi-annually to quarterly/monthly billing, this included Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Climate Change Levy (CCL) testing for SME customers with split usage.


Flux presented a perfect opportunity for me to work closely with developers and clients, which really excited me. Taking a client's request and seeing it go into development and testing, then helping the client implement the change is something I really enjoy and find super rewarding.

Originally, I moved to Flux for a new challenge. I wanted to challenge myself, I worked with the system from very early at Extra Energy and grew with it so I knew it inside out.. I wanted to be across more of the change function rather than just testing and help to develop beautiful solutions for clients problems.


I have a varied role with Flux, but my core function is to connect clients' problems with beautifully designed solutions. I’m the in-between specialist that works directly with a client to fully understand their pain points and use my knowledge of Flux to remove them. 

Recently, I worked on the build and test of Sainsbury’s Energy, a new whitelable provider as well as rolling out the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) function for Second Generation (SMETS2). I wrote the test approach, UAT scripts and test completion report to ensure Flux was capable of communicating compliantly with the DCC infrastructure. I have always worked very closely with our UK clients to help them reconcile their tax transaction reports, build out their accounting reports and help to design a touch tone Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) payment solution for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and improvement to customer experience.

While Flux provided the full platform for PSUK, I supported the team by operating a service desk function to work with them to prioritise service desk tickets or provide them with workarounds. I was the go between for PSUK and the Flux NZ based team helping improve business processes, define solutions to incidents and managing on site communications with the client. Being the intermediary allows me to manage the process from end to end and provide the clients with release notes and product briefs as well as training support.

Since the closure of PSUK I have been heavily involved with the migration and the archive activities with Eon. This required digging deep into the data and mapping data items for them.

At present, I’m working with our development teams about expanding out the capabilities of our new offering, Flexibill. Flexibill is by far the most advanced billing system I have ever worked on and the possibilities of this capability really excite me. The way it can bill any combination of meter, tariff and rates is something the industry has struggled with for years, but finally there is the solution and I'm delighted to work on it If you want to learn about how Flexibill can increase your energy businesses billing capabilities then get in touch with one of our experienced Flux UK experts.

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