Our success is client success: what partnership looks like at Flux

 |  11 August 2021

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Business success is generally assumed to rely on a combination of strategy, expertise and execution: you identify a problem to solve, work out a way to solve it and then do it in a skilful and efficient way. At Flux, we like to add a few other variables into the mix. For us, choosing the right people to work with is a crucial part of it. At Flux, our clients are our partners and their success is our success. 

We like to be selective about the partners we work with, not because we’re fussy or elitist, but because we aim to support our clients as a trusted advisor as much as a software partner. We treat our clients' business as our own, offering boutique advisory services alongside the industry-leading SaaS that we’re known for. We like to take on and solve our clients’ problems, to prove our worth by making their boats go faster. Being advisers on that journey means we’re as invested in our clients as they are in us. It’s a win-win.

We don’t believe in engaging with clients on a ‘spray and walk away’ basis because we’re determined to ensure our clients get real value out of investing in our product. Our high-touch service model is grounded in the belief that mutual success equals mutual benefit. In relationship terms, we’re with you for the long haul rather than a quick hook-up. That’s why Flux has a team of Product Specialists who support our clients to get the best out of their investment in Flux; and to bring client insights back to the Flux product team so we can keep evolving our product to meet our clients’ needs. We partner our Product Specialists with your teams to make sure you are using Flux to accelerate your business.

Each client has a dedicated Product Specialist who becomes an expert in how they are using Flux. All Flux’s Product Specialists have extensive experience in energy retail operations themselves, so they understand the realities of running a retail business and the jobs that need to be done. Flux has been built to enable client configurations of their Flux instance to meet their unique needs. Our Enhancements work for each client is planned on a quarterly basis in close collaboration with client leaders. Work is then estimated and approved via a Statement of Work process. A client’s Product Specialist leads this process and engages our Product Managers, Product Owners and technology leaders as needed to ensure the work is well understood and scoped before it begins.

Working with us also includes after-hours Service Level Agreements. We have on-call teams who can respond to incidents 24-7. This kind of service pays off for us as well as our clients. In the 2021 financial year, Flux’s Service Desk was our most celebrated team by our clients and our product specialists received an 8.35/10 rating. That’s an exceptional result in a year of unprecedented global upheaval, where we migrated more than 110,000 customers onto Flux.

Every business has specific and detailed needs that can’t be met by a one-size-fits-all approach to service. Flux works collaboratively with clients to provide services for bespoke requirements on top of Flux, including integration of third party software. At the end of the day, our clients are our business. When we bring our smarts to their problems we change their world and our own.

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