How Flux helped to build Powershop Australia

When our clients succeed, Flux thrives. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so proud to have powered award-winning Powershop Australia since its inception in 2013. We’ve formed a high performing partnership based on mutual respect and a shared drive to provide best-in-class customer experiences. 

Like Flux, Powershop Australia is a fully-owned subsidiary of Meridian Energy (New Zealand’s largest renewable energy retailer). Like Flux, it believes in doing things differently. At Powershop, that means maintaining a tight focus both on customer needs and environmental issues. Powershop customers can choose simple ‘set and forget’ options, add on GreenPower or buy Powerpacks in advance for future savings. This has resonated with consumers and industry experts alike: the company also received five stars in Greenpeace’s 2018 Green Electricity Guide. In 2019 and 2020, Powershop was awarded Electricity Provider of the Year in the annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards (in 2020, it also won all 12 monthly customer satisfaction awards). In 2019 and 2020, Powershop was named Australia’s Green Energy Retailer of the Year by Finder. 

Since the start, the Flux platform has enabled Powershop to innovate and react quickly to changing market demands through tactical and creative product solutions. Over the past two years, substantial regulatory changes have been made in the Australian market covering everything from privacy and security to pricing and offers. Powershop has also developed white label partnerships and positioned itself around its green credentials. Flux has supported all of these initiatives professionally and with an outcome focus. Flux’s dedicated Product Specialists work closely with Powershop to ensure business needs are met, and changes are seamlessly integrated back into their business. 

Thanks to Flux, Powershop is well-placed to cope with the AEMO market changes coming into force in October and November 2021, including five minute data, switching procedures and schema updates of market integrations. Flux’s speed of change and superior functionality has enabled Powershop to go above and beyond for customers during times of crisis. Operators were able to identify customers in at-risk areas during the 2020 Australian bushfires, ensuring they were handled with extreme care and support. Improving self-serve functionality in concessions allowed for operational loads to be removed while also giving customers more control.

The Flux customer apps assist Powershop to focus on some of the sustainability drivers that are increasingly important to Australian consumers, including GreenPower, carbon offsets, solar export, EV tariffs and VPP participation.

Powershop has been a long-term advocate for empowering customers with easy to understand, granular cost and usage data and insights into how they can be more sustainable. Powershop has partnered with community and environmental initiatives, to allow customers to contribute to causes the brand aligns with, strengthening their commitment to sustainability with their customers. 

Flux offers the Powershop customer team a fast, informed customer service platform supported by a centralised and simple operator interface.

Flux’s modern architecture enables fast change without huge cost. By taking a microservices approach, Flux can change one aspect of the platform in isolation, meaning change is quick and low-risk, allowing Powershop to stay focused on its business. In the last year, Flux has achieved the following milestones for Powershop:

  • March 2021: Rapid changes to the customer apps to support strengthening of green positioning throughout the customer experience
  • June 2021: Shifted Powershop into the Cloud (AWS), reducing cost to Flux and improving security and resilience. 
  • June 2021: Market adapter completed for NSW Gas market entry. Will also enable Powershop to enter other new markets.
  • July 2021: Five-minute data changes released to the AU market, ensuring necessary regulatory changes are met. Flux are market operations experts, partnering with clients to deliver ongoing compliance needs. 

Powershop’s slogan is ‘Power you can be proud of’. We’re happy to be a part of that process.