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Flux's role in the energy ecosystem

Creating a sustainable and dynamic energy future

Easily operationalise energy products

Flux plays a vital role in the energy ecosystem by enabling the operationalisation and scaling of non-traditional and traditional energy products.

Expose and calculate the cost of energy

Today's energy products may have multiple parties transacting energy for a single site, therefore requiring the cost of energy for each party to be exposed, calculated, and billed accordingly.

Unconstrained scaling

Legacy software is typically unable to easily adapt to the complex and micro billing requirements of non-traditional energy products. This is the element that typically constrains the scaling of these products and is where Flux adds significant value.


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Modern tools purpose built for energy

Whether you’re building an innovative new energy business or transforming an existing one, the tools that power your organisation need to enable agility, speed, innovation, and profitability. 

Configurable, flexible, accurate energy billing

Our truly configurable billing platform requires no developer time to launch new tariffs, update exception tolerances, or design tailored experiences for different customer segments. It enables price components to be mixed and matched providing the agility to bring competitive offers to market in a matter of minutes.

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End-to-end energy retail solution

Whilst Flux was built to integrate with enterprise operational software, some businesses need an end-to-end solution, or want it all on one platform. This is why our customer experience and customer management tools are there to complement our billing solution, for those who need a complete market operations tech stack. 

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Reduction in operator training time

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Improvement in Operator:Connection staffing ratio

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Faster to reprice a product

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Billing accuracy

*when input data accurate

Benefits that bring a competitive edge

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Configure any product 

  • Pricing changes
  • Dynamic new tariffs
  • New clean energy products

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Manage complexity

  • Micro billing
  • Broker commissions
  • Multi-party billing

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Reduce cost to serve 

  • Process automation
  • Customer self-serve tools
  • Simple, centralised customer management
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Preparing for Success

Four key billing transformation learnings. A must-read for energy companies on the precipice of digital change.

You’re in good company

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The Flux platform that was built for configurability and scalability, meaning change is quick, low-risk and incurs no dev time, allowing Powershop to stay focused on adding value for its customers.
Flux has conceived, managed and delivered the large-scale migration of more than 200,000 retail customers onto a world-leading platform.

Neal Barclay

CEO - Meridian Energy