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How Flux leverages Amazon Web Services to benefit clients

At Flux, we’re proud of being able to move fast and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our reputation depends on our innovation and commitment to customer service. We also recognise that sometimes it’s good to have help with the heavy lifting....

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Infinity plug

How we work with our clients at Flux

An old adage about customer service claims that ‘people remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price’. That fits nicely with our service philosophy at Flux, where we treat our...

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Women working in tech

Flux women talk tech

October 13 is Ada Lovelace Day - an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM industries. We asked some of the women who make Flux so successful to share why they love working in...

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Tablet In The Cloud

Understanding The Cloud

You don’t need to know much about computing to know that the Cloud is a game-changer. But do you understand why? Let’s take a look at what the Cloud is and why it’s helping businesses like Flux do...

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